'¡OYE, HOMBRE!' Gift Box

'¡OYE, HOMBRE!' Gift Box

'¡OYE, HOMBRE!' Gift Box includes:


'Alfies' | chocolate enrobed alfajores x2

Two delicate cookies sandwich a dulce de leche filling.  Our ‘Alfies’ are prepared with authentic dulce de leche made in Australia from local ingredients from a traditional Argentinian recipe.

Cookie bases are Chocolate Hazelnut and Vanilla Almond + enrobed in semi-sweet dark chocolate and velvety smooth white chocolate premium couverture chocolate.


'Take it to the Grave' Pinot Noir | 250ml can

'Take it to the Grave' is a joint venture between Nicholas Crampton and South Australian wine grower Jim Zerella, created to deliver intereting and rewarding wines whilst challenging a few established rules.


Atypic 'Caramelised' | handcrafted white chocolate

Atypic Chocolate is South Melbourne Market’s resident bean-to-bar chocolaterie. Founded and created by pastry chef turned chocolatier, Charles Lemain, Atypic crafts single-origin small batch chocolate in the heart of Melbourne.  Atypic 'Caramelised' 35% White Chocolate is smooth and reminiscent of caramel dessert flavours.


'Maní Confitado' | crunchy caramelised peanuts

The crunchy caramel flavour of our handcrafted 'Maní Confitado' will export you to the streets of Latin America.  A traditional street food found in most parts of Latin America, its know by various names yet the flavours remain the same and it's essential role it plays associated with latino culture - especially the holiday season.


'Calaverita' | refined sugar free cookie

Sweetened with organic honey, each 'Calavertia' is loving handcrafted with care to create a refined sugar free 'sugar skull'.


'Dulce de Leche' | 125ml jar

Buena Onda & Co. pride our use of premium ingredients and cultivating traditional recipes. The use of authentic ‘dulce de leche’ made from a traditional Argentinian recipe has our patrons hooked. So, we just couldn’t go past including a jar of this delicious spread.


‘Dulce de leche’ is a caramelized condensed milk that is a South American pantry staple.  It’s most commonly used in almost ALL cakes and desserts. Use it as a topping for ice-cream or spread it on your favourite pastries – hey, who are we to judge?




Handcrafted sweet treats and goodies beautifully presented in an eco-friendly mailer box.

+ Add your personal message created on a vintage Olivetti typewriter for a finishing touch.


  • Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, this product will be delivered by hand should you choose delivery option.