'ALFIES' - Alfajores x6 (Melb.Only)

'ALFIES' - Alfajores x6 (Melb.Only)

Handcrafted 'Alfies' | Alfajores


A Melbourne foodie’s interpretation of the South American favourite, the ‘alfajor ' – say ‘al-fa-hor’. 


We fused a number of traditional recipes to produce the perfect balance of flavours to reinvent this South American favourite and create our own signature specialty.


Most commonly found in Argentina, it’s essentially South America’s version of the wagon wheel – only better!


Two delicate cookies sandwich a dulce de leche filling and are either enrobed in couverture chocolate or rimmed in shredded coconut.


Our ‘Alfies’ are prepared with authentic dulce de leche made in Australia from local ingredients from a traditional Argentinian recipe.


Cookie bases are Chocolate Hazelnut and Vanilla Almond.


Enrobed chocolate  ‘Alfies’ are:

semi-sweet dark chocolate or velvety smooth white chocolate using premium couverture chocolate.


NB: This week's Alfie combinations are Choc Hazelnut and Vanilla Almond:

2x 'Naked' - traditional cookies rimmed with shredded coconut

2x 'Blanco' - enrobed in white couverture chocolate

2x 'Negro' - enrobed in semi-dark couverture chocolate


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