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Buena Onda & Co. brings to Melbourne the unique flavours of Latin America in the most delicious and delightful way.


Born from a love of Latin America’s flavours and culture,  Buena Onda & Co. was developed by Alejandro Vega and Natalia Sikiric.


Alejandro originally hails from Chile and migrated to Australia to pursue a career as one of the country’s leading percussionists.  It was Alejandro’s yearning for the unique flavours of home, coupled with Natalia’s love of cultures (+ her insatiable sweet tooth) that led to the concept of Buena Onda & Co. being born.  After many annual South American pilgrimages and an extensive development period, Natalia fused a number of traditional recipes to develop the signature dessert menu of Buena Onda & Co.  As a photographer, her approach to baking is an extension of her creative process.  Her enthusiasm as a foodie and for making ‘all things beautiful’ also ensures that each sweet offering is presented in the most enticing way.


Buena Onda & Co. is a cultural experience for the senses.  We live by the traditional Latin American ethos of warm hospitality, friendliness and as our name translates,  ‘Good Vibes’.


con amor.



Alejandro & Natalia

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