Buena Onda & Co. is a Latin American Pop-Up Café and Dessert Bar that specializes in their own range of artisanal desserts and specialty coffee sourced from South America and roasted by Dukes Coffee Roasters. Buena Onda & Co. are able to extend the Latin American culture experience and enhance the atmosphere by providing live music and entertainment.

Buena Onda & Co.'s range of artisanal desserts have been developed from traditional Latin American recipes and given their own contemporary spin.

To extend a true café experience, the Buena Onda & Co. pop-up café is equipped with a  La Marzocco coffee machine. With professional baristas at the helm serving up coffee from Dukes Coffee Roasters, a quality coffee experience is provided for those who appreciate exceptional taste.

Buena Onda & Co. is a concept developed by Natalia Sikiric and her partner, Alejandro Vega. It was born from their love of Latin American flavours and its culture from their annual pilgrimages to South America. Alejandro was born in Chile and migrated to Australia to pursue a career as one of the country’s leading percussionists. His knowledge and expertise in the music industry allows Buena Onda & Co. to further extend the Latin American cultural experience with live music and entertainment as part of the pop-up café experience.

Buena Onda & Co. is a cultural experience for the senses. We live by and deliver on the traditional Latin American ethos of warm hospitality, friendliness and as our name translates, ‘good vibes’.

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